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Would you pick up Stock or modified ? 

We have right now in stock two S chassis. A 1995 Nissan 180SX with very small modifications and a 1993 Nissan 180SX Sileighty with a lot of modifications. 
Both cars have verified low mileage, a clean underneath  and both are ready to export worldwide or for sale in Japan.
October 1993 Nissan Sil80 with 79,900 km
May 1995 Nissan 180SX type R/X with 92,000 km

Engine Room
Sil80 :
SR20DET Turbo Engine 
Aftermarket Stainless ex-manifold
HKS High cam
HKS air cleaner
HKS intercooler
Aftermarket injectors 
Aftermarket stainless turbo back exhaust system
Thanks to upgrading ex-manifold, exhaust system is more efficiently and also you will enjoy greater sound.

180SX :
SR20DET Turbo Engine 
APEX tower bar
HKS Air cleaner

Sil80 :
Work Emotion wheels 
R34 brake calipers 
Aftermarket coilovers 
Aftermarket toe control rods 
Aftermarket tension rods
Aftermarket upper control arms 

TEIN height adjustable coilovers
Sil80 :
G Corporation wide body kit
Aftermarket side mirrors 
Aftermarket carbon bonnet 
Aftermarket carbon pillar garnish 
S13 face (SILEIGHTY, SIL80) 
Sil80 comes from the Nissan Silvia S13 front and the Nissan 180SX rear.
Stock body

Roll cage
Bride full bucket driver seat
D1 Spec steering wheel 
Aftermarket spin turn knob 

NISMO shift knob
MOMO steering wheel
BLITZ turbo meter
Which one do you prefer? Send us your opinion or an inquiry for buying one of this JDM cars available for sale at 
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