We, TOPRANK are providing “STORAGE SERVICE”.

TOPRANK has prepared a secure storage area right next to our workshop.

You can buy a car now and store it until the car becomes legal to import in your country -e.g. 15years for Canada, 25years for U.S.A. Or you can enjoy driving your car in Japan if the car is registered.

Plan Description
A. OUTDOOR or OUTDOOR under roof
B. Stored in warehouse
C. Stored in warehouse + registration in Japan; You can drive the car in Japan
  • ▪ Photo
  • ▪ Test drive by our mechanics (1-2 times/month)
  • ▪ Concierge service (pick up/drop off -our garage, suggesting good driving courses etc ..)
Remarks All courses include idling for app.15 min/month, inspection before export
Options One-time options are also available;
  • ▪ Periodical check (every 6 month, 12 month etc)
  • ▪ Maintenance Package
  • ▪ Oil, fluid change
  • ▪ Test drive by our mechanics + Movie shoot

Contact us via or Contact Form for more detail.