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The 180SX is a fastback car based on the S13 chassis. Both of them could come with an SR20DE or SR20DET engine. 
The North America had at the same time the 240SX, that came with hatchback, coupe and convertible which has the same base, the S13 Silvia. But there was no turbo engine version was produced for North America market. 
We have now in stock two 180SX type X, one is clean nearly original and the other is highly modified. 




The modification starts from the exterior with a full aero body kit F.S.R.  and the S13 Silvia face -so called “SilEighty (Silvia + 180)” in Japanese.



The interior was modified with the addition of a Recaro full bucket seat, a roll cage. But not only this: The computer installed, F-CON V Pro for the pink 180 makes a big difference. 



With aftermarket parts you can increase the power of your engine. The pink 180SX is a good example of  how to modify a 180 Under the hood we find a HKS GTSS Turbine, Tomei manifold, HKS air clean and an aftermarket intercooler, the engine is improving the air flow, resulting in higher performance for the engine for sure. 


The brakes are upgraded with the more powerful and bigger R32 GT-R’s front brake calipers. Only Godzilla’s brakes could hold back this bomb. 
To finish up the look of this car, CUSCO height adjustable coilovers would help you get the perfect stance, giving you stability and showing aggressivity on the roads.

There is much more to say about this machine and how you can improve it. 
Now you can get this pink 180SX with all the work already done for you. And just enjoy the ride, spin around and relax.
Or if you like the clean one as the black 180SX
This car is the one you would like to go for. Keep it stock or as a great base for your own project. It is a perfect example of a clean 180SX type X with low mileage.


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