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Project R32 #1

Now we are excited to unveil our mechanic;  Sato’s secret project; building the R32 GT-R from the ground up. And this is not going to be an average rebuilt R32 but this car will be track biased daily driver.
This project was started from February 2020 and Sato’s plan is to complete this project hopefully by the end of this year. It takes some time to even find out which parts and bolt/nuts are missing from this chassis because this car was used as a donor car to complete other R32 so most parts if not all are missing.
We will follow Sato’s work until this project car is completed and are going to film cool video when this car is ready to roll at a circuit! Stay tuned for the coming up “Project R32”!
   Now, let’s start by removing every single component: suspensions, harness, glass, interior, exterior, and so on. I mean ALL, all the parts and bolts and nuts need to be removed since the body paint has been damaged and there's rust coming up underneath the paint surface so this white body will be sprayed with anti-rust paint and the body will be painted to different color. White body, or body in white (BIW) is the stage in which the car body`s only frame structure has been joined together, before the engine, transmission, chassis sub assemblies or trim have been integrated into the structure.
Skyline GT-R already has a relatively strong and rigid body frame but in order to be track ready, extra structural strength will be required because the body will be twisted and distorted under extreme braking and cornering force and we don’t want that. Welding the roll cage will solve the problems, yet it will also add extra weight, so Sato’s choice was to increase the number of spot welding. This will allow the car to have extra strength without increasing much weight and still keep the original look. No need to mention that the roll cage does look cool but Sato wants to make this R32 to look stock, without crazy body kit and big spoiler, a sleeper.
Grinding off the rust and apply the spot welding
The Water- Cooled Spot Welding Machine
Spot welding is the type of electric resistance welding used to weld sheet metals. Spot welding process tends to harden the material but it will reduce the material’s fatigue strength thus the number of spot welding and the location where the spot welding to be applied is well engineered to balance out the body structural strength, weight, and the torsional rigidity on factory manufactured cars. -.Sato’s aim is to improve the torsional rigidity and overall structural strength and not to make the body “too rigid”.
The Before & After of the Chassis

The Engine Bay

The Interior
The Trunk Room
The engine bay, trunk, interior and undercarriage are fully covered with the anti-rust paint to prevent further rust and make it look fresh at the same time.
The chassis is ready to be assembled and now, it is time to prepare the engine and harness!

Here’s a little teaser for the next episode. The RB26, it's a fun time. We will keep uploading this R32’s building process bit by bit until it is completed and running at the circuit! So please stay tuned and wait  for the next episode!  Guess how much horsepower this engine will produce?
To Be Continued...
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