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Dustin brings Tokyo Drift Evo to Japan!!!
Dustin brings Tokyo Drift Evo to Japan!!!

Dustin brings Tokyo Drift Evo to Japan!!!

Dustin Williams brought his Tokyo Drift CT9A Lancer Evolution to Japan!!!! Yes, Dustin brought his US registered Tokyo Drift Lancer Evolution to Japan, through an Automotive Carnet he can drive his Tokyo Drift Lancer Evolution in Japan for a year!!! Toprank Importers and Toprank Global assisted Dustin with the process of exporting, clearing customs in the US and Japan, and getting it ready for him to use in Japan.

In this series he shows his experiences getting a car, taking it to Tokyo Drift locations and some night and Touge Drives!!!

Link to video series in below

This particular car that Dustin brought to Japan is formerly known as a APR Performance Evil-R. The car was used for showcasing APR Performance aero for commercial usage. It even appeared on Hot Version’s 2006 Touge USA Series.

峠最強伝説 TOUGE USA # 6【Best MOTORing】2006

During the production of the movie, Universal bought the rights to Evil-Rs design rights, thus it made it into a movie car and driven by main character Sean.

Do you want to try out something similar like what Dustin did to his EVO? Contact us so we can help you achieve your JDM dreams!!!!.

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