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Toprank Visiting SEMA 2022
Toprank Visiting SEMA 2022

Our Toprank Japan team visited the SEMA show 2022! They checked out some cars that were on display, several of which we sourced for customers!

First let's look at Dai Yoshihara’s R33 GT-R powered by GREDDY USA and of course Toprank USA!!

Check out that new RB26DET engine by Greddy. Not only is this car a showcase of new products, it also has a paddle shifted OS88 sequential transmission.

The Recaro seats and Greddy steering wheel in the interior look stunning.

You can follow the build progress of this R33 GT-R through Dai’s Channel! LINK here

Now Let’s check out TJ Hunt's RX-7 in the SEMA display!!!

This Veilside body kit was designed more than 10 years ago but it still looks great.

We sourced this JDM Mazda RX-7 for TJ! Williams brought out his EVO 8 From Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift as well!!

SEMA is a must attend for all !!!!