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Nissan skyline GTR R32 : JDM legend

After the Skyline R31, Nissan decided to create a new generation of skyline, starting with the R32 GTR equipped with a new designed engine. With the group A class racing in mind Nissan developed a 2.6-liter twin turbo straight-six engine, the now famous RB26DETT, that is present in R32, R33 and R34 GTR. 
The street version of this engine produce about 320 horsepower stock, however this engine can go over 600 horsepower in race trim. This power would be nothing if the car can not transfer it to the ground. The R32 GTR is has an advanced all-wheel-drive system called ATTESSA E-TS, giving the car adherence and control.
In fact the GT-R use an electro-hydraulic clutch to split torque between the front and the rear, therefore the R32 GT-R remain RWD until the rear wheels lose traction.
The R32 GTR started in 1989 and ended in 1994. In 1991 the R32 GTR won all 29 races of the Japanese Touring Car Championship that it participated. And has been victorious in the 1991 Spa 24 hour race, the GTR became famous and popular in Australia. And then the R32 got his nickname 'Godzilla', the monster from Japan.
Right now at Toprank Japan, we have three beautiful R32 GTR for sale.


This GTR R32 has very rare metallic black pearl, Only 14% of GTR has a color No 732, and it is very difficult to find a R32 with a great body condition and no rust.
The car is reinforced with a roll cage, improving the car rigidity. You can take it to the track without worries.
The driving performance is enhanced by multiple upgrades. You may have heard about Nismo or Cusco, because that are the aftermarket parts used to upgrade the car.
1992   Nissan   SKYLINE   R 32 GT-R Single Turbo Forged pistons GReddy T78-33D Turbine Work Meister Tein

This skyline has the popular Gun Grey metallic paint. If you wanted to get more power, you will have a lot of power with this single Turbo from GReddy. To be sure that nothing goes wrong the R32 get forged pistons, GReddy pipping and Tomei head gasket.
This car also has a roll cage, and with so much power, you will be grateful that it is already installed in here. All the gauges will get you a better view of the condition of your car in real time.

The performance of the car does not purely reside in the engine room. The link between the pedals and the steering wheel is the most important, and that's why the shift knob was changed for a 'super quick knob' helping the driver to shift gears faster than before.

This R32 GTR has a beautiful Crystal white paint. This car still has its original cluster, only showing 180 km/h. We all know that the car in its original stock state could already pass this speed easily.
The most incredible feature is just the super low mileage, 69,160 km for this 25 years old car ! 
This white GTR has such a great look, the fitting of the hood and the front lip are forming a sharp and smart face on this R32.

If you have ever dream of Godzilla but had nightmare about rusted car. Just contact us, at Toprank we take pride in sourcing only the best car. Our JDM specialized workshop loves upgrading and servicing legends of Japanese roads.
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