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Mine's complete BNR32 GT-R Nur

Mine's complete BNR32 GT-R Nur Spec -BNR34’s high performance in the light weight body of BNR32, is now available at TOPRANK!


This legendary ”Mine’s complete BNR32 Nur Spec” has plate “Serial number 002/010”  was created 10 units only -we are sure that this may be the best choice for drivers who truly understand the real pleasure of driving.




Highly tuned “RB26DETT engine Nur Model” was installed for the highest performance, this make overall performance improved -especially, this machine enable you to enjoy sports driving possible.
Besides the powerful engine, Mine’s exclusively designed the adjustable coil-over suspensions and Brembo brake system only for Nuc Spec, thanks to which the car fits perfectly well for both town cruise and circuit runs.
The most superb combination of engine power and suspension & brake system! 
As you can see, the exterior was also tuned by Mine’s: its badge on the front fenders and rear, right next to GT-R emblem, and genuine R34 alloy wheels make this car to look complete and neat.
This Nur Spec takes you to the “next level” of unforgettable driving.




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