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Nissan Skyline GT-R: Learn more about it

Matt Farah interviewed Sean Morris at our Toprank facility in California.  Learn more about the Skyline history and why the Skyline is the best tuner car and the leader of the Japanese 90s sports car.
500 horsepower is the sweet spot for a Skyline GT-R according to Sean. The aftermarket support is huge in Japan, enough to make every GT-R have a unique build.
You can see cars in our shop, Skyline R32 and R33 GT-R. Have a look at Yaska’s car, an R32 GT-R painted in midnight purple with S1 engine from Nismo. A Saurus R32 GT-R, R34 GT-R race car, and a white pearl Honda NSX (3 or 4 cars in the world) which is a pretty rare color.
Buying a Skyline GT-R from Japan, be it R32, R33 or R34, you will not regret it. Plenty of parts to make your own Skyline, and the drive experience will satisfy you even from its stock form.
You can find Skyline GT-R for sale in our inventory and also request us to get one for you from our back order service. Buy your Skyline GT-R with Toprank from Japan, color, mileage and condition that will match your needs and budget.
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